Airport security gets burned by a sassy toddler

Airport security can be stressful at times. It’s definitely the favorite part of anyone’s trip. For little Mila Stauffer, experience has shown too much. The little two-year-old girl was with her family when she discovered how difficult it is to cross an airport.

For the family of sects in Arizona, things can get a little complicated at best. During their trip to Michigan, as they made their way to the security area, they found a place of discomfort and Mila was not impressed at all! Honestly, I can’t blame her. It’s not like we all love these security checks.

Once she was safe at home, Mila turned on her mother’s camera to give the world some honest opinions about her meeting with the TSA. It turns out that the little lady wasn’t ready for the long queues at the airport yet …

Nor did he approve the security staff by stroking his brother. Also, Mila believes that there should be some bathrooms closer. The lack of them was a shock I didn’t expect!

The very precocious continues to talk about security personnel at the airport, which almost makes his mother laugh. While we all agree that experiences at airports can put the patience of a saint to the test, it is really something to listen to so strong and blatant opinions of such a small child! Mom could make you laugh, but with millions of visits on YouTube, you can be sure that this viral video is making a lot of laughs all over the world!

Mila and her twin sister Emma are no strangers to the camera, with her mother knowing the social networks that pull together to attract an international audience on the twins’ YouTube channel.

However, with such confidence and a cute appearance, Mila probably would have found her way to fame in one way or another. Swearing that “never again” will undergo such a hard test, Mila lets out the flight and greets another blow.

Whether Mila decides to return an airport remains to be seen. With a little luck, the mother is not far from the camera, so we can discover the next installment of the small and dramatic life of her adorable child. This is not the first time that little Tyke has launched a diatribe and, no doubt, it will not be the last. But is this the funniest thing? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

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