9 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Homebodies

We all know that many dogs love to run, play and explore. But what happens if you are a low-profile puppy father who prefers to stay relaxed? The good news is that there are many dogs that would like to squat with you!

First of all, adult and older rescue dogs can be wonderful and peaceful companions who are happy to stay at home. Second, there are some dog breeds that tend to be calmer and more relaxed than others, and also require less exercise to stay happy and healthy. This list is by no means exhaustive, but below you will find some breeds of dogs that would be perfect for homebodies!

1. English Bulldogs

These polypropylene balls become a fantastic sofa company. They overheat quite easily and fail to do well with rigorous exercises, so they make Netflix’s best friends go crazy than active partners. Also, they really like to be lazy!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

These loving dogs are a great companion for those who prefer an intimate night in a long night. For these dogs with lion’s tail, no adventure is as good as spending time pampering with you! Most dogs are fair, but these sensitive souls are above all.


Maltese puppies are practically the perfect dog to walk! Small and devoted, they can snuggle easily in their legs, which is where they want to be. Since their coats are made of hair (and not hair), they can spend a lot of time indoors without having to scatter the entire house!

Basset Hounds

The Basset Hounds, with their short legs and drooping cheeks, can remain happy and healthy with a simple daily walk. In addition to this, these relaxed puppies love the living room, but be sure to leave some space on the couch!


For large dogs, Bullmastiff requires a relatively small activity. Their massive appearance can be intimidating, but in reality they are great children. They love nothing more than squatting with their humans as often as possible

Great Danes

If you like big dogs but with a dog mentality, these pony-sized puppies are another great option. They are known to love the extension of furniture, so if you choose one of these colossal colossal, be sure to have a huge bed to accommodate!

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